[Barrelfish-users] Issue faced when starting bfscope

Akshay Giridhar Ravichandran akshay87 at vt.edu
Mon Dec 22 02:05:36 CET 2014

Dear All,

We are trying to set up the tracing module bfscope and facing an issue.

It is waiting forever for e1000_ARP when the function
nameservice_blocking_lookup() is called through
idc_connect_ARP_lookup_service() while running bfscope. Following are the

spawnd.0: spawning /x86_64/sbin/bfscope on core 0
bfscope running on core 0
bfscope: trying to connect to the e1000 driver...
lwip_init_ex: starting......................
LWIP_other: Inside lwip_init
#### bfscope Going ahead with default wait-set
LWIP: lwip_init: done with sanity check
LWIP: done with sanity check
idc_c_port_mng_srv: trying to [e1000_PORTS_MNG]
init_net_ports_connection: called
init_net_ports_connection: connecting to [e1000_PORTS_MNG]
init_net_ports_connection: resolving driver e1000_PORTS_MNG
init_net_ports_connection: terminated
idc_c_port_mng_srv: success [e1000_PORTS_MNG]
LWIP: ctl 0
init_net_ARP_connection: called e1000_ARP
init_net_ARP_connection: resolving driver e1000_ARP
*skb.0: waiting for: e1000_ARP*

I looked into the code  of the file
lib/lwip/src/barrelfish/ARP_lookup_client.c and there is a FIXME me note
"decide if this is the best place to connect with net_ARP" in the function

Could this be a potential cause for the block?
If it is not kindly give us some insights as to where we have gone wrong.

*Set Up:*

We have and Intel 82576 and we are using e1000 as the cardname. We have
both NKGDM and netd modules up as you can find in the attached log trace.

Also please find the menu.lst we used to boot for your perusal.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
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