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ben eslami beneslami72 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 11:10:46 CET 2018

Dear folks,
-after booting Barrelfish, I tend to run "hello world". According to "
http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Programming_for_Barrelfish", To get Hake to
include a target for the hello world program in the generated Makefile, we
must first add the target to the symbolic_targets.mk file, located in the
build directory. But I don't have this file. should I create it first?

-Suppose I created "symbolic_targets.mk" in build/ , then I did
"../hake/hake.sh -s .. -a  x86_64" in build/ directory. After this, i run
"make -j 8 X86_64_Basic" to compile Hello World file. But fir I should
append "module /x86_64/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello" in menu.lst, but I don't
see any file named menu.lst either. Should I create this first also ?

-After all of these, I should run make sim. Does this mean that I should
run "make qemu_x86_64?

Thank you
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