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Joel Busch buschjo at student.ethz.ch
Sat Mar 17 12:30:15 CET 2018

Hello Ben

This is actually one I can help with I think, because I ran into some of 
the same roadblocks.

symbolic_targets.mk does no longer exists, instead you can add modules 
to the file platforms/Hakefile there are different sections just make 
sure you use the one that's generic or the one specific to the 
architecture you want to run on.

The menu.lst is now platform specific and you can either change the one 
generated during hake in build/platforms/<arch>/menu.lst.<plat> or the 
one that is read during the hake process in hake/menu.lst.<plat>, in 
your case <arch> is x86 and <plat> is x86_64.

And yes the make target sim doesn't exist anymore and qemu_x86_64 is 
what you want to use instead.

Best Regards,
Joel Busch

On 17.03.2018 11:10, ben eslami wrote:
> Dear folks,
> -after booting Barrelfish, I tend to run "hello world". According to 
> "http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Programming_for_Barrelfish 
> <http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Programming_for_Barrelfish>", To get Hake 
> to include a target for the hello world program in the generated 
> Makefile, we must first add the target to the symbolic_targets.mk 
> <http://symbolic_targets.mk> file, located in the build directory. But 
> I don't have this file. should I create it first?
> -Suppose I created "symbolic_targets.mk <http://symbolic_targets.mk>" 
> in build/ , then I did "../hake/hake.sh -s .. -a  x86_64" in build/ 
> directory. After this, i run "make -j 8 X86_64_Basic" to compile Hello 
> World file. But fir I should append "module 
> /x86_64/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello" in menu.lst, but I don't see any 
> file named menu.lst either. Should I create this first also ?
> -After all of these, I should run make sim. Does this mean that I 
> should run "make qemu_x86_64?
> Thank you
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