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peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Fri Feb 14 04:30:09 CET 2003

Edgar & Chris,

es> So the question would be whether Chris could trace PPP and get some log
which shows this going down.

Chris, before collecting the log you might 
compile in my modification which numbers
frames.  This will allow any discussion, between 
you and Edgar for example, to refer to "frame n".
That should be easier than saying "Look at the 
frame containing this hex string '...'".
I don't remember which module but it is 
described in my PPPnotes Web page.

es> Then I could find out
perhaps where some action is missing.

Edgar, are you hypothesizing that somewhere
near the end of the session PPP should 
reset the modem and then relinquish the 
serial port?  Presumeably the modem reset 
would be done by a counterpart of Dialer.Dial;
Dialer.Hangup or Dialer.Close?  Then the 
serial port would be relinquished by the 
hypothetical uninstall procedure which 
is absent from NetBase?

Regards,    Peter E.

Peter Easthope

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