[Oberon] Compiler/runtime system bug?

rotaru at centrum.cz rotaru at centrum.cz
Fri Feb 14 12:47:34 CET 2003

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Name: Vasile Rotaru

Email: rotaru at centrum.cz

Version: Bluebottle OS (7 january 2003)

Problem:  Probably a compiler/runtime system bug.

 I am working on a small ascii/plain text editor under/for Bluebottle 

	For the moment it is even less than a demo. My problem is 
that I can run this
demo only once. After first run every attempt to run it a second time 
or to
run a compiler locks the system. But if do not run a compiler or the 
demo for
another time I still can edit, open and store files. And I can reboot 
	I've tryed to run this demo (SmallEdit.TestT) from the menu 
panel (the Oberon
not being running, and not even loaded). I runs Ok, and seems to 
cleanly. But this is all.. Any attempt to run anything else, say 
Bunny, or
Object Tracker locks the system. And I have to poweroff the machine 
to make it
work again.

	Now there are some details. I have tryied to comment out 
parts of the code to
see if I can localize the problem.
	In the initialization code of TextWindow object this line 
seems to be the
guilty one:
	NEW (formatter, columns, rows. ...)
It alone is enough to lock the system. No more call of formatter 
are needed for this locking up.
And in the formatter initialization code this line make problems.
	NEW (buf, (width + 1) * height));
If it is commented out the "symptoms" are not seen anymore.

	But, |buf| is POITER TO ARRAY TO Cell, and Cell is a plain 
And when I have changed the |buf| to be
	buf : ARRAY 81 * 32 OF Cell;
the system has stoped locking. Well, If NEW is a dangerous operation 
in BB you
should at least warn  the people :).
	It is rather interesting that when I create and use a 
Formatter object directly
(in SmallEdit0.Test...) the system does not lock up.

	You can found the incriminated files at:

And I'd like to know which is BB policy about LF/CR/LF-CR problem.
Which ``end of line'' is politically correct?
I'm asking because some of the XML files in the distribution should be
opened with EditTools.OpenAscii and some with EditTools.OpenUnix.
And which is (will be) the canonical suffix of XML files,  ".XML" 
or ".xml" ?
It is rather confusing to have both.
	Vasile Rotaru
P.S. Well I have changed the ``buf'' to be ARRAY 81 * 32 OF Cell;
and I have continued to play with it. The test now runs smoothly
(and ressembles more a text editor). But only if call it like this 
	``Aos.Call SmalEdit.TestT ~'' from Oberon.
I have tried to run it from Menu Panel and after that start Oberon.
For some reasons the Oberon starts in full-screen mode and
traps wildly. I have not investigated this. May be later.

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