[Oberon] Compiler/runtime system bug?

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 14 13:09:21 CET 2003

> Version: Bluebottle OS (7 january 2003)
> Problem:  Probably a compiler/runtime system bug.
>  I am working on a small ascii/plain text editor under/for Bluebottle
> (Aos).

Which compiler are you using ? (Compiler.Compile or PC.Compile ?)
Could you send me the code for testing ? (mailto:frey at inf.ethz.ch)

Have you seen TestEdit.Mod ? It is a small editor, based on
WMEditorComponents.Mod, that could need some enhancements ;-)
It uses the new AosTexts and clipboard, supports Unicode (Font not yet in
the release), Oberon-Text, UTF8, ASCII, UCS16, colors and images.
(Copy/Cut/Paste with Ctrl-C/Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V).

TestEdit.Mod uses the editor component only in Oberon-Text mode, pictures
are not yet imported.
See Test*.Mod for some more examples with the new GUI components.


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