[Oberon] Compiler/runtime system bug?

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Feb 17 10:54:50 CET 2003

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Subject: [Oberon] Compiler/runtime system bug?

> User Feedback
> Name: Vasile Rotaru
> Email: rotaru at centrum.cz
> Version: Bluebottle OS (7 january 2003)
> Problem:  Probably a compiler/runtime system bug.
>  I am working on a small ascii/plain text editor under/for Bluebottle
> (Aos).
> For the moment it is even less than a demo. My problem is
> that I can run this
> demo only once. After first run every attempt to run it a second time
> or to
> run a compiler locks the system. But if do not run a compiler or the
> demo for
> another time I still can edit, open and store files. And I can reboot
> the
> system.
> I've tryed to run this demo (SmallEdit.TestT) from the menu
> panel (the Oberon
> not being running, and not even loaded). I runs Ok, and seems to
> terminate
> cleanly. But this is all.. Any attempt to run anything else, say
> Bunny, or
> Object Tracker locks the system. And I have to poweroff the machine
> to make it
> work again.
> Now there are some details. I have tryied to comment out
> parts of the code to
> see if I can localize the problem.
> In the initialization code of TextWindow object this line
> seems to be the
> guilty one:
> NEW (formatter, columns, rows. ...)
> It alone is enough to lock the system. No more call of formatter
> methods
> are needed for this locking up.
> And in the formatter initialization code this line make problems.
> NEW (buf, (width + 1) * height));
> If it is commented out the "symptoms" are not seen anymore.
> But, |buf| is POITER TO ARRAY TO Cell, and Cell is a plain
> And when I have changed the |buf| to be
> buf : ARRAY 81 * 32 OF Cell;
> the system has stoped locking. Well, If NEW is a dangerous operation
> in BB you
> should at least warn  the people :).
> It is rather interesting that when I create and use a
> Formatter object directly
> (in SmallEdit0.Test...) the system does not lock up.
> You can found the incriminated files at:
> www.webpark.cz/vrotaru/pl/se.zip
> And I'd like to know which is BB policy about LF/CR/LF-CR problem.
> Which ``end of line'' is politically correct?
> I'm asking because some of the XML files in the distribution should be
> opened with EditTools.OpenAscii and some with EditTools.OpenUnix.
> And which is (will be) the canonical suffix of XML files,  ".XML"
> or ".xml" ?
> It is rather confusing to have both.
> Vasile Rotaru
> P.S. Well I have changed the ``buf'' to be ARRAY 81 * 32 OF Cell;
> and I have continued to play with it. The test now runs smoothly
> (and ressembles more a text editor). But only if call it like this
> ``Aos.Call SmalEdit.TestT ~'' from Oberon.
> I have tried to run it from Menu Panel and after that start Oberon.
> For some reasons the Oberon starts in full-screen mode and
> traps wildly. I have not investigated this. May be later.
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