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Thu Mar 27 16:38:53 CET 2003

Douglas G. Danforth wrote:

> I agree with Fernando with regard to mouse interclicks.  I used Oberon 
> V4 and S3 for many years and thought the interclicks were quite 
> efficient and nice but a little awkward to use.  Having shifted to 
> Blackbox/Component Pascal I now see no advantage to interclicks.
> Going back to them is quite frustrating and they feel restrictive.
> So, my recommendation is also to adapt the more common mouse 
> operations of Windows and Linux.

No !!    Ghost has gone.  Don't revive the ghost.

Do you want "more common" or more efficient  ?
What do you mean by "restrictive" ?

By "efficient" I mean:
 *  I can have 50% of my hands free, to hold a book, or papers ...etc.
 *  touch typists keep a finger of each hand on the keyboard, so they
     don't have to take their eyes off their work to see where a specific
     key is.  Using (dumbed down) mouse and keys would need to
     take their eyes of their work to find a key.
 * ... and much more ...

My 2001 version uses F8 to toggle to 'dumbed down' mode (starts default).
This has advantages for potential users who come from 'normal',
to taste some of the advantages of n-o other than the UI, without
having a nervous breakdown.

-- Chris Glur.

PS. n-o never pretended to be a real time OS.
If Fernando wanted to get 'closer to RT' he should use 
native StandAlone, which I don't think gives any error mesgs.
like he showed ?

I think Fernando has no chance of succeeding:
   First he must learn to answer relevant questions which were asked.
      eg. is he using asmb, is he using SYSTEM.Mod ....

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