Re (3): [Oberon] PPP and overall Oberon coordination

eas-lab at eas-lab at
Thu May 22 14:24:13 CEST 2003

cg> Well, I don't/shouldn't have to know what kind of server system
> I am dealing with. 

peter_easthope wrote:
> True.  GulfNet uses a server called FirstClass 
> which uses a proprietary authentication protocol.  
> I was wondering whether your server offers a 
> proprietary authentication prior to PAP.

Apparently not, but if your's does, is it 'Windows' compliant ? 

So you have an example of 'authentication prior to PAP' ?
Which the 2001 version of n-o didn't 'handle' ?
You had to hack it your self ?
I'm guessing that all the Windows users had no problem.
Am I right that pre-PAP authentication (login: ID and/or password)
can be catered for in the 'Dial section' of OberonText ?
How did you 'fix' it ?
Is it good to just fix your own problem and allow n-o to remain
non-compliant ?

-- Chris Glur.

PS. Did I mention that TextMail.Mod is also 'non-compliant'
and I had to hack it to get my mail ?

Let's get a workable 'authority structure' established and fix these
problems, and more importantly have a mechanism to evolve/refine
n-o, independant of any one/few personalities.

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