[Oberon] WinAos: porting apps and build of Aos.exe

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Fri May 23 22:50:11 CEST 2003

>    From an earlier version of BlueBottle, the graphics system looks quite
>     Your port is very much appreciated.
>     Would a graphical application running on Win Aos Oberon look the same as
>     that runs under BlueBottle ?

the WinAos system does not yet support the graphics system of bluebottle, 
i.e. it uses the graphics of Oberon and the Windows console only. If there 
is ever a support of the graphical system, its windows will nevertheless 
probably look like Windows windows. Bluebottle is an operating system and 
WinAos yet only a small Kernel running on Windows below  the Oberon system.

Generally, to avoid misunderstandings, Win Aos Oberon is not a full 
emulation of the Bluebottle system but a first approach to run active 
objects from within Oberon for Windows. While achieving that goal the 
PluginOberon kernel was redesigned to be very much like the bluebottle one. 
In principle it should thus be no problem to make WinAos more like a 
Bluebottle emulation but _some_ work would have to be done.

Every volunteer would be most welcome !!!

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