[Oberon] WinAos, problem with overwriting old version.

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Tue Jul 1 09:41:26 CEST 2003

Problem: Having installed WinAosOberon with replacement over an old version 
results in WinAos not starting, following text is displayed in the log:

 > AosConsole: Executing: AosActive.EnableTraceDeadlocks
 > ....
 > res: "MM.Open Menu.Obj not found

Cause: there is a bug in the installer I have put on the web yesterday. The 
file version information for the file "Aos.exe" was missing, Aos.exe has 
not been replaced with the new file.

Solution: I have replaced the installer on the web, just download it 
(http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/WinAos 15 MB!) or - if you don't want to 
download the big file - Install WinAosOberon with the old installer 
(30.6.03) to a different destination (such that no problems occur with 
overwriting old files while installing)


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