Re (3): Re. [Oberon] Bluebotte and DSL Problems

frey at frey at
Thu Jul 10 09:52:13 CEST 2003

> after further experiments I found that connection to the Strato
> FTP server also worked with DSL. PWD was ok also.
> What didn't work was Dir. So I guess it's some timing problem.
Maybe it has to do with active FTP connections. The Oberon FTP client
tries to do active FTP, requiring another connection from outside. 
Some firewalls/dsl routers don't accept this.

> Perhaps DSL is filling a buffer too fast for FTP or Mail to
> read it.
TCP should be resistant against this kind of problems. 

You could try to reduce the MTU since it is not dynamically adapted
but it should not be needed. 
If you want to try : 
Desktops.OpenDoc AosRTL8139.Mod ~
Search:		NEW(d, AosNet.LinkEthernet, MaxETHFrameSize - 14, 6);
Replace with e.g. . NEW(d, AosNet.LinkEthernet, 512, 6);
Recompile, restart. (If it helps, you can inc the value 512 as long 
as it still helps ;-) But I don't think so :-( )


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