Accademic snobbery? Re: [Oberon] n-o: timer-reset chit-chat

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at
Mon Oct 20 12:00:14 CEST 2003

John & others

> Ok, just when I think I've heard it all. ;-)

  Well, maybe I was to harsh to "old, poor Oberon"... But, being also a
hobby programmer/user (and with a rather limited time budget), being
"snobish" is probably the only way I can be helpfull ;)

> Games?  Wrote one (PacMan). 
  A good game is artistic (story teller's) work may be more than
programmers work. And I guess it just would not have enough testers.
And I'm not a gamer anyway.

> W3C standard browser?  See WebNavigator.
> Does it need work?  You bet!  But rather than
> being "snobbish" about it, the author actually
> asked for some help some time ago.

  You right about WebNavigator being "W3C standard browser", and it
needing work too. If I ever start doing more browsing & form NO, I will
consider helping.

> A computer community (especially a non-commercial
> one) lives and dies on feedback.

  Quite right.

> ... someone had a problem compiling Coco
> generated files under n-o.  Great.  Now how about
> some info about the ATG grammar you were trying
> to compile?  How about the error message you got?
> How does the problem get fixed if it's not detailed?

  I have fixed this and had played a bit with Coco some time ago. Just
two lines wrong in CRS.Mod and Scanner.FRM in NextCh(??) procedure. (I
have not my changes at hand now). But I was then even more a beginner
than now, so I guess I was just to shy to report anything.

  And does it make sense to report bugs (for NO) and send fixes? Is there a foreseeable (bugfix) release of NO planned?

> One thing that Chris has said in the past that I
> will agree with is that it's also important once
> we've fixed something or worked a problem out
> that we share what we did with the group.  I've
> done that sometimes, but not always.  Again I'm
> only working on "hobby" time.  Perhaps a web-portal
> would by a good "groupware" option to consider,
> or even a Wiki (if one doesn't already exist).
> But the bottom line is that someone in the
> community will have to take the "bull by the
> horns" and actually do it.
> Regards,
> John M. Drake

Regards, Vasile

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