[Oberon] Current release Oberon support for ODBC

John Stout jstout at cusp.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 23:34:05 CET 2003

In the past Oberon came with a set of modules which allowed access to
Windows ODBC drivers and hence Access, SQL Server etc databases. This
support now seems to have been dropped.

I am trying to get my college and the computing department interested in
using Oberon as the main teaching language for A-Level Computing and the
BTEC National course, but will find this difficult to do without
external database support. We originally taught Pascal as our first
language, then moved on to Visual Basic, but have now standardised on
Visual Basic throughout the two year course. It is becoming obvious that
despite our best attempts students are not understanding the basic ideas
as well as they did when using Pascal, and only this week an ex-student
confirmed this for us (she is now studying Computing at Oxford and tells
us that next year they will study Oberon!).

Has anyone managed to get the original ODBC modules working with
WinAOSOberon? I have started trying to get them compiled (and then
running) but it is slow progress.

John Stout

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