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W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Fri Apr 7 22:00:24 CEST 2006

Thomas Frey wrote:

> I used Bb sucessfully on VMWare 2.0 and regularly use it on version
> 4.0 on Windows.
> VMWare 5 seems terribly slow with Bluebottle, probably there is a
> problem with some HW emulation.
> VMWare on Linux has a problem with the VESA emulation and probably
> does not work graphically.
> Bb supports the VMWare Network adapter and partially the sound adapter.
> There are VMWare tools for Bluebottle that allow neatless mouse usage
> between Windows and VMWare and the sharing of the clipboard virtual
> and "real" clipboard. Start VMWareTools.Install to enable these tools.
> (Tested with Version 4.0)
> --Thomas

Much as I love F/OSS, I have never been overly reluctant to pay 
for 'commercial' software if it represented 'value for money'.

The recent avalanche of change triggered by Apple's move to 
Wintel CPU - more specifically to *dual-core* CPU, may just have 
ID'ed a new one of those paradigm-shifts.

The eye-catcher is a small firm in Herndon, Virginia, 
'Parallel', who are shipping a product that takes advantage of 
OS X' BSD-Unix roots and the nature of what must no doubt 
otherwise be an underutilized CPU, to run guest 'x86ish' OS's in 
a mode that is as near-as-dammit to fully 'native'.

Shades of IBM 'big iron', VM and MVS here.


- I've been generally *opposed* to Apple's move as it will 
certainly open security holes if Windows is to be the guest OS,

- and cash is just as short for those of us retired folk as it 
is for students, not to mention 'remaining productive years' 
being even more so,

- but it looks to me as if the purchase of at least a Mac Mini 
Wintel, + the US$ 50 price of 'Parallel' will let me put my OS/2 
Warp & eCS back into use, (tons of old files on hpfs386) plus 
dramatically speed up  the ability to experiment with Aos 
'x'-bottle, evaluate *BSD devel releases, and whatever else 
needs a look-see. Plan 9 and Inferno this week...

Hacker's Law on time - our most precious of resources - applies:

"I've never been able to determine the cost of buying back 
yesterday afternoon, once wasted."

What is the real value of what could be an order of magnitude 
faster and more flexible devel box?

And - as with IBM Virtual Machine mainframes, can this work 
'over-the-wire' on a shared server?  i.e. as a 'farm' of devel 
platforms for shared use in a University IT department?

This is bound to be just the first salvo in a major round of 
changes to virtualization.  So what if a new Xen or VM-ware 
*requires* dual-core? Such CPU are now *here*.

And a lean, mean, 'near-real-time' version of NO or Aos could 
potentially be a far more efficient 'Executive' than Apple's OS 
X or any current flavor of *N*X.

Perhaps being the host, instead of the guest, is where the 
future lies.


Bill Hacker

> On 4/7/06, Alan Freed <AlFreed at ohio.net> wrote:
>>My job activities are going to require me to install
>>VMware on my laptop.  Has anyone successfully
>>installed either NO or BB as a virtual machine
>>running under VMware?
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