[Oberon] Re. Native Oberon on sourceforge

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Apr 8 04:16:44 CEST 2006

Previously we dicussed oberon0.dsk being GPL.
I suggested that the real inner-guts/kernel..etc.
would not be available.

Peter E. wrote:
> In case 
> it helps any, Oberon0 is built & etc. in 
> Native.Tool .  The sources are referenced 
> there and were on ftp.oberon.ethz.ch a few 
> months ago at least.

Did anybody confirm that this allows an Oberon0 to 
be built without any extra 'key part' ?

Jan Verhoeven wrote:-
> So we need:
>  - Oberon0 compilers written in another language (preferably Modula-2 or
>    Pascal) running on computers that do not run with the Oberon OS
? what do you mean by 'Oberon0 compilers' ?

>  - all files that are now making up the Oberon0.dsk image
>  - a general idea why these files are present

Well I think, it was an intelligent guess at the most essential files
which could fit on 1.4MB.
>  - a general idea what new files are required for the current machines

What "machines" ?     It still remains a x86 only sysytem ?
Are you intending to cater for:
- StandAlone,
- DOSbased
- LNO           ?

>  - some mechanism to create new Oberon0.dsk images
>  - lots of nice and friendly programmers
>  And maintainers [maintainance contributors].
> As I told: I set up a separate mailinglist at Googlegroups. Anyone can 
> send messages to the list at:
> NativeOberon at googlegroups.com

Well I'll cross-post to googlegroups, but I don't think we should 
break away from ETH ?   One should be carefull of proliferating 
new groups/mailing-lists ?

> but messages from non-members are moderated. You can become a member by=20
> visiting http://groups.google.com/group/NativeOberon/ and then pressing
> 'Join'. Or you can send me an E-mail and I will force you into a
> membership. In this latter case, you will not need to create a Google ID.

I didn't like NativeOberon at googlegroups.com
* doesn't accept N-O 'browser'
* under linux > mozilla = twice 'join' hot-links,
   I don't what to see multiple/ambigious entries
* on entry to 'join' google shows my existing 2 ID's
   I don't want google to tell me my ID
* and shows a N-star template for my password
   I don't know if this is to match [one of] my existing passwords[s]
   or if I can select a new password.
I don't like US M$-wizard style systems which try to be too smart and 
are designed to manipulate illiterates  -- to part with their money!

And a related topic previously discussed: I've just now, found that
I needed some info from a N-O fetched http, which I had already
deleted. Since I still had a descendant of the deleted page on screen,
I just needed to hit the frame's [Back] button and the deleted but 
cached page was immediately displayed.  This is how it should be.
Not needing to go on-line again. What else is the cache for ?

== Chris Glur.

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