[Oberon] G. Feldmann's Linux N-O port

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 17:34:35 CEST 2006

--- easlab <easlab at absamail.co.za> wrote:

> Because my ISP now requires a further level of
> email-sender-authentication,
> I can't post by my N-O system. So I can't follow the
> existing thread.

Ok.  I'm almost scared to ask.  But what have 
they done now?
> All the more reason to have a linux based S3 system
> - to provide the
> missing inet facilities/updates which N-O will never
> be able to do.
> The ftp'ed "readme" tells that the 3.5MB N-O sources
> are for linux,
> solaris ..Darwin.  I'm wondering why all  the
> different OS's files are
> together ?

That's probably to make development simpler.  
For instance some source files are common to
all x86 platforms whereas others are for 
x86 Linux, x86 Solaris ect.  Having everything
in a tree like that allows the developer to 
update some stuff in one place.  (And yeah,
I'll grudingly admit that's a nice thing 
about folders.  Though I'm sure it could
be done another way. :) )

It was probably easier to just compress the
entire directory tree, then to "prune" the
extra files.  As an experiment I took out
all of the "non Linux x86" files.  The
source compressed to 3.2 MB at that point.  
Not a huge savings.
> And for the big system *tgz [10.9 MB] are they also
> all 'mixed in one file'
> ?

No.  The Linux86 tgz only contains Linux86
specific object files.  It's "big" partially
because of all of the fonts incluced.
Take out the fonts and the documentation
and it compresses down to 4.3 MB.  The
object files themselves are 2.7 MB compressed.

> It could be a problem for me to download a single
> 10.9 MB file, here in
> 3rd world SA.

What's the largest chunk that's reasonable
for you to download at one time?  I'm guessing
you've got a lot of the files already from
your current N.O. installation.  You might
not need fonts, documentation ect.  I could
email you the 4.3 MB file or put it up
somewhere like http://www.rapidshare.de if
you have trouble receiving that large of
an email.


John M. Drake

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