[Oberon] Bluebottle under VM

w jmd at antsinfields.de
Wed May 10 18:47:47 CEST 2006

Hi Andrew

Sorry, this mail will not solve your problem.

But,  since I have the same problems with gentoo und vmware 5.x, I want 
to stress the importance of your questions.

Bluebottle + vmware 5.x + gentoo   is very, very,very slow on my normal 
computer and my IBM-T43. It's just impossible to work with.
(Bluebottle under Quemu und boch doesn't work on my computers too.)

So, I think the problem depends not our hardware.

I'll be appreciate for any help.

AVas wrote:
> Could please someone tell me, why i cant run bluebottle crazy fresh
> release 7.04.06 under virtual machine?
> On my Red Hat EL i tried qemu 0.8 and bochs 2.2.6 and parallels
> workstation 2.1...
> under all of them aoscd begins to load, sets video mode and stops with
> an empty black screen.
> I tried to set various video modes manualy... it doesn't help.
> Under VMware Workstation 5.0 and VMWare player bluebottle starts
> perfectly, but works very,very,very slow.
> And what is realy funny that on windows xp under VMWare workstation 4
> all starts and works fine. WTF?
> I don't able to try VMWare 4 on Linux...
> In native mode it all works fine too, except it don't detects some of
> hardware, but that was what i expected.
> There were the only NIC working with bluebottle i was able to find. It's
> 3com 3c905b etherlink III combo.
> AosPCITools.Scan showed me that it is "3c905b deluxe etherlink
> 10/100/bnc [cyclone]" vendor/device 10b79058.
> After some searching and trying i add the following:
> in AosDriverDatabase.XML
> <device id="9058" name="Model90xC" ...>
> in Aos3Com90x.Mod
>     in Install
> ScanPCI(10B7H,9058H,Model90xC,{},100Base-TX);
> if set to auto nic tries to work via coaxial...
> After that bluebottle detected nic and network become available.
> Because i can't use second pc for a long time it'll be much better for
> me to run bluebottle under any VM software. I'll be appreciate for any help.
> Andrew.
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