[Oberon] Expand S3 human I/O ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Nov 17 14:23:50 MET 2006

With the increase of mobile devices, perhaps S3 human I/O will become
more appreciated.   Is the following scheme viable for existing N-O,
eg. to reduce need for key-in ?

I'm thinking of eg. PET, where 3 binary settings are applicable.
Is it easy to have the MenuFrameLabel 'rotate' [starting from the default]
through: 'sub', 'suB', 'sUb', ..'SUB'.    So when you want:
U enabled, and S & B disabled, you click-through till 'sUb' shows.

Of course any of the non valid combinations can be skipped, and the 
stepping sequence can be arbitrary.

The principle is that the state should be immediately visible; which
is the case with the <F8> toggle of N-O  - which I really like.

== Chris Glur. 

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