[Oberon] New BB release

Ulrike Glavitsch ulrike.glavitsch at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 17 15:19:27 MET 2006

Dear BB users,

a new BB release is available under www.bluebottle.ethz.ch that contains 
some improvements over the last release a week ago. Recall that the 
object file format was changed in the release of Nov. 10, 06. The new 
release as of Nov. 17, 06 is more stable than the previous one and 
contains the following major changes:
1. The version number of the object file has been incremented. This 
makes object files written in the new format easily distinguishable from 
object files written in an earlier format..
2. A new compiler option \S has been introduced. Compiling a source file 
with \S does not import the symbol file of an object file with the same 
extension. This means that you can compile a source file with the new 
compiler even if an object file written in another format is available.
3. The Oberon decoder (Decoder.Mod) has been adapted to the new object 
file format
4. A compiler error for code sizes longer than 64K has been fixed.
The documentation on the object file format has been revised and 
updated. It is available under 

Attention: Please recompile all your source files with compiler option 
\S (PC.Compile \S Source.Mod or PC0.Compile \S Source.Mod).

My thanks go to Felix Friedrich who adapted the Oberon decoder and who 
tested code sizes longer than 64K.

I wish everybody good luck with the new release.

Best regards,

Ulla Glavitsch

ETH Zürich
Ulrike Glavitsch Eggler
Institut für Computersysteme
Clausiusstrasse 59
CH-8092 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 632 70 49
Fax : +41 44 632 13 07

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