[Oberon] POP server

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Fri Nov 24 23:36:46 MET 2006

Easthope wrote:
> Bill & others,
> wh> If you mean to go off and gather mail *FROM* [one or more 
> remote] POP mailboxes, then Fetchmail or Getmail among others.
> I want the Oberon Mail.Panel to do that.  If I 
> understand the terminology correctly, Mail.Panel
> is the MUA and provides the client end of POP 
> and POP3.

Then you have that part of what you need - an MUA.

> wh> If you mean actually *receive* mail, then it is an MTA you want,
> not POP.
> Seems that the facility I need is an MTA for receiving.
> Postfix is sending already.  Don't some MTA provide the 
> server end of POP?

Postfix, the MTA in this case, just 'transfers' the mail.
Either to a remote server or to local storage.

It may be working with other tools to filter, scan, then
more flexibly drop the mail into local storage.

A POP or IMAP daemon is separate from the MTA in all
but a few cases, (SQL DB driven storage) and provides
access TO that local storage for remote MUA's.

'Local' message handling tools, and at least two Webmail
critters, do not necessarily need POP or IMAP daemons.
Some work directly against the mailstore.

Most other MUA-like things, especially remote ones,
do need either/both POP/IMAP.

> wh> No clue about Debian's 'package' system, but if the gcc 
> compiler and libraries are available for Debian, you could 
> perhaps install those and compile from source as Unix folk do.
> The packages I've seen mentioned are Cyrus, Courier and 
> Qpopper.  Installation of the binaries is dead-easy, 
> once I know what to aim for.  Configuration might be 
> an effort.

Courier-IMAP/POP are widely used, notably with QMail.
Postfix integration info is around.

Dovecot IMAP/POP is our personal favorite - used with Exim.
Likewise Postfix info is around.  See also Bincimap.

Given that just about everyone ether has home and work/school
or desk / PDA machines, and/or travels, uses a Cyber cafe
or otherwise 'borrows' a machine to check mail, we dropped
POP as an obsolete PITA some time ago and went IMAP-only.




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