[Oberon] POP server

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Sat Nov 25 00:41:44 MET 2006

Bill & others,

wh> Dovecot IMAP/POP is our personal favorite
 ... See also Bincimap.

OK, thanks.  There is a Dovecot package for Debian.

wh> Given that just about everyone ether has home and work/school
or desk / PDA machines, and/or travels, uses a Cyber cafe
or otherwise 'borrows' a machine to check mail, we dropped
POP as an obsolete PITA some time ago and went IMAP-only.

Does Aos have IMAP?

Oberon Mail.Panel working against GulfNet was
very efficient but GulfNet is winding down.  

For remote access, cablelan.net has MailSite Express 
ver. 7.0.3, Rockliffe Email Server, which is awkward 
to use and painfully slow!  The objective with Dovecot 
will be to operate Mail.Panel as well as with GulfNet.  
If remote access with SSL can work, so much the better.

Thanks,   ... Peter E.

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