[Oberon] New BB release

Ulrike Glavitsch ulrike.glavitsch at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 29 08:39:35 MET 2006

The reason for the smaller download times probably is the smaller size 
of the AosCD.zip since Nov. 10, 06. It is only 54 MB whereas it was 
around 66 MB in many of the earlier releases. We took a large Tar-File 
(12 MB) out of the release that is of no use to BB users.

Best regards,

Ulla Glavitsch

Dan Parnete wrote:
> Ulrike Glavitsch wrote:
>> Dear BB users,
>> a new crazy-fresh release is ready for download under 
>> www.bluebottle.ethz.ch.
>> It contains the following new changes:
>> - compiler warnings for unused constants, variables, types and 
>> procedures
>> - faster loading of text files that shortens compilation times
>> - bug fixes
>> - usability enhancements, e.g hot key support
>> Best regards
>> Ulla Glavitsch
> Congratulation. I have noticed an increasing activity on the 
> Bluebottle maintenances. Thank you for the new facilities. I am 
> impressed of the evolution of the Performance monitor. It becomes a 
> very professional tool and I often use it for the server monitoring.
> The download time has decreased in the last few  month. Today it takes 
> 49s for the AosCD.zip. Is the web server steel a Bluebottle?
> Thank you all,
> Dan Parnete
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