Re (2): [Oberon] document packaging.

Easthope peasthope at
Sat May 12 00:48:59 MEST 2007

Hi Chris,

cb> I just tried it with Internet Explorer 7 and it successfully
a tar.gz file and launched WinZip to open it.

Thanks!  You prompted me to test also.

Debian Iceweasel displays
as a picture with a caption beneath, as we 
expect.  IE probably does the same.  The 
value of this is only to save storage.

TestDocPackage.tar.gz contains TestDocPackage.html
and Cantor.jpg.  When Iceweasel is given the URI
it opens a dialogue to ask whether to open 
with /bin/tar or to "Save to Disk".

Choosing "Open with /bin/tar" gets Iceweasel 
to open the Downloads viewer which tells 
that TestDocPackage.tar.gz is "Done".
If I click "Open" nothing visible happens.
Unzipping and untarring a second time is 

In any case, pointing Iceweasel at
does not open the document as we might 

I haven't seen the file name extension mentioned.  
Will speculate at a document named 
which a browser will display automatically.
(This doesn't exist on Carnot yet.)
The opc file will be portable as a pdf, 
readable with a browser rather than with 
Adobe Reader and smaller that a pdf.

People at ETH must have considered all this 
long ago.

Regards,         ... Peter E.

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