Re (2): [Oberon] document packaging.

Chris Burrows chris at
Sat May 12 02:28:25 MEST 2007

Hi Peter,

> Debian Iceweasel displays 
> as a picture with a caption beneath, as we 
> expect.  IE probably does the same.  

Yes it does.

> TestDocPackage.tar.gz contains TestDocPackage.html
> and Cantor.jpg.  When Iceweasel is given the URI 
> it opens a dialogue to ask whether to open 
> with /bin/tar or to "Save to Disk".

This file actually is recognised as a tar.tar file not a tar.gz file by
my browser. Was it actually gzipped / compressed?

> I haven't seen the file name extension mentioned.  
> Will speculate at a document named
> which a browser will display automatically.
> (This doesn't exist on Carnot yet.)
> The opc file will be portable as a pdf, 
> readable with a browser rather than with 
> Adobe Reader and smaller that a pdf.

I can't verify this. I get the error message:

You don't have permission to access /TestDocPackage.opc on this server."

I'm only guessing but after following your experiments I suspect that
the browser does more than just look at the file extension to determine
what type of file it is.

Try this one - it was the one (picked totally at random) that I referred
to in my original post:


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