[Oberon] AW: Transfering A2 from one PC's IDE to another?

Stauber Sven Philipp sven.stauber at inf.ethz.ch
Sun May 31 13:56:29 MEST 2009

>Can it do dial-up to an isp ?
No, it can't. Maybe you can use the NO dial-up facilities under A2 Oberon. 
>Can Native Oberon read A2 files - by mounting the A2 partition ?
In revision 1326, the maximum filename length of AosFS was extended to 128 characters. NO won't be able to mount this version of AosFS. The "old" version is still available as OldAosFS, but A2 does not support formatting volumes with this version. A2 should, however, be able to mount the NO partition.
It "should be possible" (I never did this) to clone an A2 partition and use it on a different PC. Device drivers are only critical if needed in the boot image (but your machines both use IDE, so this is not an issue) - other drivers can be "installed/uninstalled" by setting the approriate configuration strings using the Oberon boot loader.
Be aware that it is not sufficient to just copy the files of the partition to be cloned to another AosFS volume. You also need the boot image -> you have to do a sectorwise image of the partition to be cloned. 
Also note that the configuration block of AosFS volumes contains the size of the underlying partition. Most likely you cannot change the size of the AosFS volume by simple putting it to a larger partition. 
If you try the sectorwise image approach, I would recommend you to make sure that both the source and target partition are of exactly the same size.
Sven Stauber


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> > the A2 CD boots perfectly on my friends newer PC.,where I installed it but
> > could not run it from the IDE, because, in the short time I couldn't see
> > how to make a booter. I've always used a fd0 booter for N-O. And I
> > noticed that A2's Oberon.Text has no dial-up section and no relevant *ial*
> > files.

Ulla Glavitsch wrote:
> the new A2 version runs perfectly well on my four core machine. I can
> start all applications and compile a whole release. However, it starts
> well on another machine but it shuts down if I start the object tracker.
> I found out about this yesterday and I am currently working on this
> problem.

Can it do dial-up to an isp ?
Can Native Oberon read A2 files - by mounting the A2 partition ?


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