[Oberon] Re: Transfering A2 from one PC's IDE to another ? Finally

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun May 31 16:30:37 MEST 2009

> >Can it do dial-up to an isp ?

Sven Stauber wrote:
> No, it can't. Maybe you can use the NO dial-up facilities under A2 Oberon.

Well no, that's the first thing I tried.
These days I mostly use LEO/linux-ETH-Oberon, which *ALSO*
has no D/dial* files, nor entries in Oberon.Text , but that's
because LEO uses linux's superior networking facilities  -  I guess.

> >Can Native Oberon read A2 files - by mounting the A2 partition ?
> In revision 1326, the maximum filename length of AosFS was extended to 128 
> characters. NO won't be able to mount this version of AosFS. The "old" 
> version is still available as OldAosFS, but A2 does not support formatting 
> volumes with this version. A2 should, however, be able to mount the NO 
> partition.

Thanks, that saves me futile effort trying to move towards A2 from LEO.

> Cloning:
> It "should be possible" (I never did this) to clone an A2 partition and use it 
> on a different PC. Device drivers are only critical if needed in the boot 
> image (but your machines both use IDE, so this is not an issue) - other 
> drivers can be "installed/uninstalled" by setting the approriate 
> configuration strings using the Oberon boot loader.

If the reason for it not getting past the boot-stage on my PC, 
is a combination of marginal CD & marginal CDreader, then 
cloning could be of value.

> Be aware that it is not sufficient to just copy the files of the partition to 
> be cloned to another AosFS volume. You also need the boot image -> you have 
> to do a sectorwise image of the partition to be cloned.
> Also note that the configuration block of AosFS volumes contains the size of 
> the underlying partition. Most likely you cannot change the size of the AosFS 
> volume by simple putting it to a larger partition.
> If you try the sectorwise image approach, I would recommend you to make sure 
> that both the source and target partition are of exactly the same size.

OK thanks, if I decide to invest the effort, I'll report back any findings.

== Chris Glur.

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