[Oberon] Can N-O's Partition.Tool safetly run under Linux-ETH-Oberon

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Jun 23 03:06:27 MEST 2009

I don't expect a guarantee, but N-O shows all partitions including itself
with no problems.  And I notice that Linux-ETH-Oberon has Partit*Obj .

> It's strange/annoying that the productivety set-back of rebooting a system,
> which is analagous to the chaos/loss of moving-house, is not openly recognised.
> Eg. I can't [yet] easily find partitions to use for lenny because:
> - fdisk sees only the first 16;
> - cfdisk aborts with an error - the limit 32GB strap is relevant;
> - N-O's Partition.Tool which is  better than linux in many ways, isn't in 
>  Linux-ETH-oberon, and I wouldn't want to install it from N-O, because the
>  effect of Linux-ETH-oberon looking at partitions [which it's using] may be
>  disasterous.


== Chris Glur.

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