Re (2): [Oberon] OFS aliases not being initialized

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Fri Aug 13 02:23:14 MEST 2010


> I moved the whole OFS {...} configuration section to the beginning of
> the file ... Anyway, all is well with NO again!

Are you using Native Oberon or DOS Oberon or Win Oberon?
A few days back you mentioned FAT; I wonder whether you 
have Oberon installed in a FAT filesytem.

> ... maybe the Oberon.Text file was not being completely read ...

Yes.  Two blunders with Oberon.Text are familiar.
One is a syntax error which interrupts interpretation.
The second is having a second Oberon.Text in a part
which is prioritized ahead of SYS.  For example, a 
Home:Oberon.Text can take precedence over SYS:Oberon.Text.

Suppose your Home part has first priority and initially 
there is no Home:Oberon.Text.  Open Oberon.Text, which 
is really SYS:Oberon.Text, do some  editing and save it.  
It will be saved as Home:Oberon.Text.  Henceforth, 
Home:Oberon.Text will take priority over SYS:Oberon.Text.
At first this can be preplexing.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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