[Oberon] Re: A few "Oberon.Desk" questions

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Wed Aug 25 04:58:12 MEST 2010

On Tue, 24 Aug 2010, Chris Glur wrote:

> Duke wrote:
> > Q1: At the moment, my NO boots with System.Log and System.Tool.
> NO boots to show the frames: System.Log System.Tool .
> These Frames could be TextFrame/S of DocumentFrame/S.

Don't know what you mean by "TextFrame/S of DocumentFrame/S"?

> > I manually "activate" Oberon.Desk, then Builder.Tool to practice hacking
> > Oberon code.
> You manually load-and-display the contents of the files ....

I MM on Oberon.Desk from System.Tool. Then I use the Documents.Tool
from Oberon.Desk to load Builder.Tool. This was just a sightseeing
tour for me. I'm trying to learn what's available, and what I'm
comfortable with.

> > I need System.Log while in Oberon.Desk. How do I get that
> > to happen?
> You want to have access to see System.Log , to know what's happening.

Yes! because all the compilation errors show up there - don't they?

> Presently my System.Log opens as a DocumentFrame by default;
> IIRC that's determined by the <Init> field in Oberon.Text .
> On my old system it used to open as a TextFrame.
> During this 3-day session I mistakenly 'closed' my System.Log Frame and
> a lot of stuff which had been logged from inet fetches, and which I had not
> yet saved to file was no longer visible! Fortunately ET.Tool leads to a cmnd
> which [I don't WANT to remember] which displays a System.Log TextFrame
> with the contents of the previously closed - and lost to view System.Log
> Frame.
> NB, the Frame and the corresponding file differ in 'content' if you have
> changed to frame and not yet Stored it.  Conventionally, one would not
> save System.Log but I do: usinging it for 'notes which are very HOT and
> current', especially for V4.
> When I have'nt used V4 for some time and have forgotten what project/s
> is  current; I just klux the already visible 'System.Log'.
> IMO all sytems should start with an entry menu or a single token that
> you can remember: to be the top/entry to the 'task tree'.

You've lost me! Don't have a clue what you are talking about. Sorry...

> >Q2: Oberon.Desk opens with Gadgets.Panel and Document.Panel.
> OK !! I had to think.  Do you really prefer Oberon.Desk to the
> 2-track system?  I'd be interested to know if any 'old-users'
> prefer developing via the Desktop.  And I want to investigate A2's
> IDE, after someone tells me how to mount/save my work !?

Like I said above, I'm just getting familiar with what's available.

> AFAIK Oberon.Desk is merely 'a' DocetFrame which takes both tracks by
> default, and has a number of embedded gadgets to allow you to open
> files/gadgets ...etc. There's little advantage in trying to ape M$-Win.


> > Where do I tell Oberon.Desk to automagically open other panels?


What I'm asking is:

Is there an equivalent to Oberon.Text for Oberon.Desk? Which would
configure Oberon.Desk to open various panels? TIA..

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