Re (2): [Oberon] A few "Oberon.Desk" questions

peasthope at peasthope at
Wed Aug 25 19:09:25 MEST 2010


> That's the _first_ thing I tried! To my surprise, nothing showed up. I
> then tried *.LOG; *.log; etc - no joy! Otherwise, I wouldn't have
> asked the question. :)

It's something simple but not obvious.
You are using [Open ^] and not [Open]?  
Did you get Gadgets from the diskette set or from the ftp server?  
Was the Gadgets release consistent with the system release?  
Ie., everything was either beta or alpha and not a mixture?

There should be a way to open the Gadgets desktop in the 
User track while leaving the System track visible.  That 
would allow you to follow the System.Log.  For now I'm out 
of ideas.

What about using the compiler from the TUI at least until the 
GUI is more cooperative?  And of course, Gadgets can always be 
troubleshot using traditional methods of inserting landmarks 
in the source to be monitored in the System.Log.  

Regards,           ... Peter E.

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