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Fri Nov 26 12:07:53 CET 2010


nice to talk to you again².

>> p.s.: just found out, OBC means Oxford Oberon-2 compiler.
>> is it worth trying?
> I think it is. It compiles to a byte code, with compilers and runtimes
> for both Linux and Windows. So cross platform Oberon. Free of charge.

seems obc is rather old since it's part of
http://www.zel.org/oberon/osci.htm since last millenaire.

did something change in the obc specs in the meantime?
(in 1999 obc e.g. lacked a GC.)

> Spivey is an excentric, like Wirth, but the latter is a friendly
> excentric...

does that mean there is a risk the latter would get something
like a "Spivey was even more excentric" as engraving
on his philosopher's stone? :)

> specific http://fruttenboel.verhoeven272.nl/obc/triples.html

oh, I see; it's not NWbench*
(looks like a deep link to this website. :))

 > There's always a first program that cannot be written in the target language.

Now I see the reason why His (or rather Urs Amman's?) first pascal compiler
(which generated p-code) was manually translated into p-code.

> See http://fruttenboel.verhoeven272.nl/obc/obc7.html in the very last
> table of that page. obc ByteCode is 10 times faster than ACK object
> code.

couldn't find ACK in osci (s.a.). does newer mean it's a rather advanced compiler kit?

> Einstein was not the kind of guy we would like to be friends with.

Kurt Goedel enjoyed AE's friendship - and vice versa.
have you read it - the book - I mean? by Walter Isaacson;
a nice Christmas present - pour votre chérie. ;)

> So this quote is probably, like most of his others, without any value.

isn't underestimation less polite than understatement?
people forgive everything, but not someelse's genius. oder so.

> Einstein was rejected by ETHZ. So he went to Bern.

who knows if NW would have been rejected by ETHZ, we'd have
Oberon rule the world instead of java con latte.

Let's not burn the universities yet. After all, the damage they do might be worse.
-- H. L. Mencken

Mündig sind die Jungen dann,
  wenn sie zwitschern wie die Alten; man hetzt sie durch die [71] Schule,
  damit sie die alte Leier lernen, und haben sie diese inne, so erklärt man
   sie für mündig.
-- MS


*) The mother of all retro-benchmarks is on p66-70 in
N. Wirth: The Personal Computer LILITH, ETH-Bericht Nr. 40, ETH-Zürich, April 1981.
(I can send you the source of your pipe doesn't ocr.)

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