[Oberon] LNO & SendMailAuthentication

easlab-absa easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Apr 19 09:27:51 CEST 2011

After I had a sleep it came back to me:
TextMail.Mod is a seperate alternate to the more
commonly used Mail.Mod .
And because TextMail.Mod had a particularly nice, clean
structure, I decided to extend TextMail.Mod to give me the
required SendMailAuthentication facility.

Per RFC [which I've got on an 'old' N-O partitions, which 
is why LNO's ability to read N-O partitions is so valuable] 
SendMailAuthentication works something like this:
after contacting the smtpServer and getting a reply,
the client sends "EHLO <hisEmailAdr>";
server replies with the types of SendMailAuthentication
   which it can handle;
client selects one and uses it.

Because there are about 6 SendMailAuthentication protocols
all modern  MailClients would need to handle ALL of them.
The first time my ISP introduced SendMailAuthentication,
Telnet showed that of the 2 protocols use, the easiest looking
one used Bas64 encoding for the protocol.  So for my limited
use, I just did the encoding 'in the source code' for MY use,
instead of having the object code do it every time.
So I needed 2 different source & object file for my 2 mail-boxes.

Now apparently my ISP doesn't handle the previous protocol.
Probably M$ changed it so that their victims would all have to
buy new stuff.  Can you see why I won't d/l a big WinETHO file
for my M$-only wireless-modem capable Win7 device?

== Chris Glur.

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