[Oberon] A2 Change-Log (was: USB in ETHNO; previous: ETHO to *nix MTA interface?

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Wed May 4 22:38:59 CEST 2011

On Wed, 4 May 2011, Treutwein Bernhard wrote:


> I generated several ISO images of A2 myself and made them available
> on the ftp server of our computing center. I also learned how to
> find the subversion log and I have a cumulated change log, which
> I've put up (including the previous changelog since 2003, beware
> its 7MB) to
> ftp://ftp.lrz.de/transfer/BlueBottle-A2/A2-ChangeLog-SVN-Rev-4122.txt
> I'll try to put an actual (Rev. 4122) ISO Image there too.

I think that you prefer A2 on Windows, correct? I won't go near
Windows - sorry!

Thanks for your your input! Enjoy the Oberon Daze! :)


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