[Oberon] Module finalization - language construct or system call

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 20:13:30 CET 2021

    > 1) Some "we" are perfecting the language itself, even if the improvements are breaking the legacy code. 
    > 2) Some "we" would like to develop practical applications with a reasonable time and effort.
    > 3) Some "we" believe in "do not fix it if it ain't broken". Some others  think this statement has no value.
    > We have not agreed on a basic question "should Oberon be used for practical developments,
    > or should it be perfected regardless of whether it is used”. 
    > There seem to be diverging opinions on this subject.

As there should be.. I probably fall in your 1) camp, whereas you seem to fall in the 2) camp.

However, I have decided to build on a solid foundation, which happens to be Oberon-07,
and NOT (!) Original Oberon or Original Oberon-2.

Therefore, this choice automatically breaks *any* legacy code that was written before
Oberon-07 came along - no matter whether Oberon-07 is extended or not. But I
actually don’t break the Oberon-07 foundation, I only add to it (strict superset).

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