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Dear Peter
Pleased to have helped and happy to be cited.
I first visited ETH in 1983, when I had a demonstration of *Lilith *from
Jiri Hoppe and I attended the *8. Fachtagung—Programmiersprache und
Programmentwicklung,* in 1984 and *JMLC2000*.
The department was in Clausiusstrasse in those days and also later when
Brian Kirk and I visited several times to work with Jürg Gutknecht and
Eugene Zueff on *Zonnon.*

Best regards

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> From David Lightfoot dlightfoot at ........ac.uk
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> > Niklaus Wirth's Institute of Computer Systems was on the 4th floor of the
> > Rechenzentrum, Clausiusstrasse 55; this was the location at the time of
> the
> > development of Oberon.
> > There is a photograph at:
> >   https://www.tg.ethz.ch/de/kontakt/standort/
> The story now includes a good color photo.
> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Historical_Perspective
> David, the details certainly make the story more vivid but if you
> prefer that your message is not cited in the footnote just let me
> know; or remove the citation.
> Thx,                              ... P.L.
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I will be working from home for the foreseeable future. If you would like
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