[Oberon] Portings Texts.Mod to Oberon-7, my Artemis project

Charles Perkins chuck at kuracali.com
Fri Jun 18 23:49:01 CEST 2021

I need to read these things more carefully. I see now that Oleg is
looking at the intersection of Oberon-07 and a host system, particularly in
the compiler. I'll note that the ORP compiler in the system required very
little change (just a couple of symbols matched to Unicode code-points
instead of CHARs) and it continued to compile the now-unicode-text sources
just fine. Granted, none of the source texts actually used Unicode in any
way... the Oberon-07 language has no concept of characters wider than 8
bits. A unicode aware language, even merely to support unicode glyphs in
strings, would require an update to the language report, in my opinion.

On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 2:36 PM Charles Perkins <chuck at kuracali.com> wrote:

> Hello Oleg,
> Regarding UTF8 and Unicode in Oberon, you might like to know that some
> work has already been done.
> Michael Shierl has provided some patches
> <https://github.com/schierlm/Oberon2013Modifications/blob/master/UTF8Charset/UTF8Charset.patch>
> to Oberon-O7 in support of utf8 and fonts with large numbers of glyphs in
> them, which I adopted and wrote a technote about.
> I suggest looking at
> https://github.com/io-core/technotes/blob/main/technote003.md to see one
> way of doing it... Ignore the bits about PCF but see the bits about the
> changes made to Fonts, Texts, TextFrames, Edit, etc. to support
> utf8-encoded glyphs in Oberon-07.
> I like what Michael did and I would like to see TextFrames further
> extended to glyph composition and bi-directional text flow, etc.
> Best Regards,
> On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 7:39 PM Oleg N. Cher <allot at bk.ru> wrote:
>> Dear Robert,
>> You may not have known this, but Ofront by Josef Templ has a successor -
>> this is the Ofront+ (https://github.com/Oleg-N-Cher/OfrontPlus). It
>> supports various UNIX-like (both 32-bit and 64-bit), as well as macOS
>> and Windows. Also I tested this under Linux Armbian on Orange Pi PC Plus
>> (ARMv7 architecture).
>> Also it has five input languages, including Oberon-07/16 and Component
>> Pascal. The support for Oberon-07 was done rather hastily, I can't call
>> it completed. But I'm interested in improving it. Therefore, I would be
>> very grateful if you take Ofront+ as one of the translators for build
>> the Artemis.
>> It should probably be noted here that I am interested in the industrial
>> application of Oberon-07, and not in academic adherence to the canons of
>> extreme simplicity. So I will support both language extensions and also
>> things that seem reasonable to me.
>> Also, I just recently thought about the need to support UTF-8 as one of
>> input text format for Ofront+. I do not know what this might look like
>> in Oberon-07, where the CHAR type size is not fixed, which is likely to
>> cause a lot of problems. But I will probably have to develop something
>> like the Texts module, which should support at the input ANSI, UTF-8
>> encoded text, and I will definitely need support of the .odc format from
>> BlackBox Component Builder. The output will be a two-byte CHAR type.
>>   even more than sure that you don't need support of .odc format, as
>> well as Component Pascal language. But I decided to inform you anyway.
>> Thank you for developing Artemis, I will follow your development.
>> Robert Doiel пишет:
>> > This list discussion around Oberon Texts has been inspiring. It is been
>> so
>> > inspiring I've create a GitHub repository  named Artemis:
>> >
>> >  > Artemis is an Oberon-7 module collection. My hope is
>> >  > to encourage continued use and development of the Oberon-7
>> >  > language and encourage convergence towards compatibility
>> >  > in implementations of Oberon-7 compilers.
>> >
>> >
>> > This ties back to the Texts discussion in one significant way. I am
>> > planning
>> > to port both S3 (Native Oberon) Texts.Mod and V4 (Linz) Texts
>> (Texts.Mod,
>> > Elem.Mod, etc) to Oberon-7.  That code will wind up in Artemis and be
>> > used to
>> > implement an "ocat" (like Joseph Templ's ocat from ofront) that will
>> > work for
>> > each of the type of Texts.
>> >
>> > I've looked at each implementation and I think unifying them is beyond
>> my
>> > skill but porting each one would be extremely useful, especially from a
>> > preservation point of view.
>> >
>> > I am not promising fast (or successful) development.  I am one of those
>> > dreaded hobbyist when it comes to Oberon.  I think the collection will
>> be
>> > useful as it evolves.  It is likely to hold my interest for quite some
>> > time.
>> > I think it will be especially for useful for fellow novices exploring
>> > Oberon-7 on POSIX.
>> >
>> >     https://github.com/rsdoiel/Artemis
>> >
>> > Feed back welcome, criticism is helpful, pull request exciting. You can
>> > reach me on this email list and via GitHub issue
>> > (https://github.com/rsdoiel/Artemis/issues).
>> >
>> > All the best,
>> >
>> > Robert Doiel
>> >
>> >
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