[Oberon] I wrote an article on 2 Wirthian languages that might entertain folks here

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> I can't promise to get all of that info into the piece, but do you
> think that what it says needs to be corrected?


  I think it would be nice to provide complete and up to date info. Concerning the FPGA boards, there is no officially supported board running the full OS. I actually have such a design, but current part shortages make it impossible to manufacture a batch. The boards available from other vendors are either very expensive or they lack necessary peripherals, or both. However, running the full OS is perfectly possible under the emulator at zero cost. Part crisis does not affect the emulators. Anyone can run the full OS. This info is missing.

You article creates an impression that Wirth OS is poorly supported and again fading into oblivion. This is not right. You did not mention the Extended OS by Andreas. It is a monumental piece of work. It deserves publicity. It runs under an emulator. And how about Astrobe? It is well supported on a variety of boards, both ARM and RISC5. Astrobe has a very practical value for building real embedded systems. This is not history. This is present reality and very valuable.

Mentioning BlackBox is of course nice. It would be good to say a few words about Component Pascal Collection of amazing software for science and education. Robert Campbell's math library is a gem worth mentioning. Thousands of high quality and well documented math functions can be extremely useful. I used his libray and I can attest its quality and practical value.

Please look at RiskFive.com web resources page where I collected many links to valuable projects, emulators, etc.

Happy Holiday!

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