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Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Feb 15 00:02:26 CET 2023


Am 21.12.2022 um 17:29 schrieb Michael Schierl:
> Am 04.11.2022 um 08:13 schrieb Felix Friedrich:
>> When/if we do the switch, I will try to preserve all history of the A2
>> SVN in git and / or leave the SVN (read-only) in place.
> Could you make a dump file of the old SVN repository available? (I did
> not find any.) For some reason, svnrdump runs really slow when I run it
> from my machine across the Internet against the readonly repository.

I finally managed to run it from a different machine and filter it to
not contain most of the binaries. The resulting repository is about
120MB, which is acceptable (in my opinion) for a git repository size
(and still smaller than the old SVN working copy's .svn directory).

A Git repository of all the history of `trunk`, except

- `/trunk/ARM`
- `/trunk/lin32`
- `/trunk/Linux32`
- `/trunk/Linux32G`
- `/trunk/Linux64`
- `/trunk/Linux64G`
- `/trunk/LinuxARM`
- `/trunk/Win32`
- `/trunk/win64`
- `/trunk/Win64`
- `/trunk/Win64G`
- `/trunk/WinAos/Obg`
- `/trunk/WinAos/Obj`
- `/trunk/WinAos/ObjE`
- `/trunk/WinAos/ObjI`
- `/trunk/WinAos/obg`
- `/trunk/WinAos/obj`
- `/trunk/WinAos/A2.exe`
- `/trunk/WinAos/Aos.EXE`
- `/trunk/WinAos/AosDebug.exe`
- `/trunk/WinAos/oberon.exe`

is now available at


You can use "git replace" to replace the history in your own local
repositories like this:

git clone https://gitlab.inf.ethz.ch/felixf/oberon.git
cd oberon
git remote add archive https://github.com/schierlm/Oberon-A2-Archive.git
git fetch archive a2-svn-filtered-trunk
git checkout -b replace-9e55f03e archive/a2-svn-filtered-trunk
git reset 9e55f03e -- :/
git commit -m 'Create replace reference point'
git reset --hard
git clean -fdx
git checkout main
git replace 9e55f03e replace-9e55f03e

Afterwards, "git log", "git blame", etc. will follow the old history
once they reach the commit 9e55f03e, providing a (hopefully) full
history of the source files. When committing or pushing, the old history
is ignored, so that the resulting commits can be merged to the upstream



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